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Adventure Via Ferrata  Gemmi:

The adventure via ferrata  is located at the historic Gemmi Pass, under the arrival station of the Gemmi facilities, at about 2300 meters above sea level. The new course does not quite match that of a usual via ferrata, because it also contains several elements of an adventure park in the trees. The route is 800 meters horizontally under the Wildstrubel mountain restaurant and the Gemmi ski lift station. Many amenities await visitors to chill. The main attractions are certainly the 65 meter long suspension bridge or the 20 meter high rotating ladder, turning at 540 °.

Route Adventure Via Ferrata :


Via Ferrata Switzerland
Klettersteig Switzerland
Technical data


Gemmipass - old hôtel Wildstrubel  alt:2310.0 m

CH1903 / LV03613530 138460

CH1903+ / LV952613530 1138460

long/lat:WGS847.61456 46.39737

Position on the map


approx.1300 m steel cable (rope diameter 11mm)
approx. 300 steel support

1 x bridge 65 m

1x scale 540 ° 20 m

1x net 15m


1,3 km


2 - 2.5 hrs


The difficulty of the via ferrata adventure is classified as K3 - K4 (K1 = easy, K5 = difficult).


100 m


40 m


The adventure via ferrata is only suitable for those who do not have the vertigo and experienced hikers, climbing is at your own risk. Teenagers under 18 can only use via ferrata when accompanied by adults.


Helmet (mandatory), harness and set via ferrata, with 2 carabiners (with automatic locking) and with connecting ropes as well as the braking system are needed !! Gloves are very comfortable on the cables and offer protection against injury.


Renounce any climbing in case of rain or thunderstorm, because of danger of falling of stone. The route is at your own risk; the IG Klettersteig formally disclaims any liability in the event of an accident.


Mid-May to late May (depending on snowmelt) until end of October (subject to change without notice).

The adventure via ferrata will be open in the spring. The opening date is according to the weather conditions. The closing date in the fall is based on weather and snow conditions. The via ferrata remains closed during the winter.


The use of the via ferrata is free, but the IG Klettersteig appreciates each collection for its maintenance.

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Technical data:
Viaferrata Switzerland
Via Ferrata Switzerland
extrem ledder Switzerland
Klettersteig Leukerbad
Via Ferrata Gemmi
Climbing Trail Gemmi
Brigde Leukerbad


The following partners have enabled the construction of the adventure via ferrata Gemmi - Leukerbad:  


Gold partners:


Briand Sport Leukerbad

Leukerbad Tourismus

OPAL Fels- und Steinschlagsicherungs AG


Silver partners:

Skiclub Leukerbad

Raiffeisenbank Leukerbad

LLB Reisen Leukerbad
HOGA (Hotel und Gastronomieverein) Leukerbad

Pfyn - Finges

Zengaffinen AG


Bronze partners:

Munizipalgemeinde Leukerbad

Gemeinde Inden

Gemeinde Albinen

Gewerbeverein Leukerbad

Malerei Grichting Jean Lou Leukerbad

Luftseilbahn Sunnbüel

Touristenheim Bergfreude Leukerbad

Material partners:

Torrentbahnen Leukerbad

Other partners:

Zumofen Bauunternehmung Leukerbad

Ruscheling Leukerbad

Schreinerei Innenausbau Kiechler Leukerbad

FEWO Leukerbad

Air Glacier

Air Zermatt

Cave du Rhodan Salgesch

Intersport Possa Leukerbad


Slackline Park Sklaktivitiy


OPAL AG Inden et the membres of the IG Klettersteig Leukerbad.

Thank you for your financial support.

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