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There are several areas in and around Leukerbad

to climb. In all areas, a climbing helmet

is recommended. The use of climbing sites to your

own risks. All liability is expressly declined.

Climbing area (see map) (free)




Climbing Leukerbad: 


Climbing Chalet Mengis (5 tracks)

CH1903 / LV03614486 137321

CH1903+ / LV952614486 1137321

long/lat:WGS847.62695 46.3871

Alt. 1551.2 m


Position on the map

Climbing Leukerbad
Climbing Leukerbad
Climbing Leukerbad

Climbing Tolen - (Total 23 tracks: 12 tracks (max.6b) + 11 tracks for children and beginners).


helmet mandatory

CH1903 / LV03614708 137377

CH1903+ / LV952614708 1137377

long/lat:WGS847.62984 46.3876

Alt. 1599.5 m


Position on the map

Climbing Leukerbad
Climbing Leukerbad

Climbing Leitergraben (no topo).

Degree of difficulty >6b

On the bridge, about 50 meters up the creek bed. The climbing area is on the right.

CH1903 / LV03614174 134573

CH1903+ / LV952614174 1134572

long/lat:WGS847.62281 46.36238

Alt. 1382.0 m


Position on the map

Climbing Gemmi:

Gemmi (Topos see Oberwalliser Kletterführer or (free))

Climbing Leukerbad

Sector E is not yet realized, sector A and B are rarely climbed


Sector Jägerboden (tracks for kids and childern)

The tracks (ca. 10-15) have difficulty levels of 3 - 6a.



CH1903 / LV03612903 138524

CH1903+ / LV952612903 1138524

long/lat:WGS847.6064 46.39795

Alt. 2259.0 m


Position on the map


Sector Jägerboden - there are still 5 tracks that are not on the topo.

Climbing Leukerbad
Climbing Leukerbad

Zone Sonnengarten 1+2

Climbing Leukerbad
Climbing Leukerbad

Lämmerenhütte (Topos on the homepage) or here PDF

Climbing area ideal for children and beginners.

Climbing Leukerbad



CH1903 / LV03613893 142809

CH1903+ / LV952613893 1142809

long/lat:WGS847.6194 46.43648

Alt 2321.0 m


Position on the map

Climbing Leukerbad
Climbing Region Leuk:



Tracks from 3c to7c

Between 15 et 25 m length.

CH1903 / LV03612038 128967

CH1903+ / LV952612038 1128966

long/lat:WGS847.59492 46.312

Alt. 601.8 m

Position on the map

Leuk area
Climbing Leukerbad

Sector Dynamo:

Climbing Leukerbad

1 Oh Läx 5c

2 Riccilix 6a

3 La Gala 6a+

4 Zerreisprobe 7c

5 Va z'Fleigisch 7a+

6 Beschy 7c

8 Versprechung 6c

9 Schlanguloch 6b

10 Dynamo 6














Topo Gnoggertschuggu

Climbing Leukerbad
Climbing Leukerbad

Topo Locherplescha

Climbing Leukerbad

Susten Pfynpfiler

Climbing Leukerbad

- Indoor Boulder Sportarena Leukerbad

Climbing Leukerbad

- Outdoor Bouldern Almei (5 min walk from Leukerbad village direction Gemmi).

Infos etc. (PDF)


- Div. regions to climb in valais (see Kletterführer Plaisir West and (free)

- Oberwalliser Kletterführer

Link Klettergebiet Zeneggen b. Visp

The stay in the zone of the climbing gardens and the inspection of the roads are done under your own responsibility. IG Klettersteig accepts no liability (in particular for consequences resulting from incorrect information in route descriptions or inadequate safety hooks or breakage of handles / steps or falling rocks).

Video Gemmi
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