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Via Ferrata Daubenhorn:


Leukerbad has the longest via ferrata in Switzerland. In the steep rock face of the Daubenhorn, rising above Leukerbad, 216 meters of ladders and more than 2000 meters of steel cables were installed. At the top of the path, the visitor has the opportunity to discover the imposing rock wall on Via Konst. This passage can also be bypassed.

Via Ferrata
Via Ferrata Daubenhorn Leukerbad
Via Ferrata Daubenhorn Leukerbad
Technical data:
Technical data


On the way to the Gemmi at a place called "Untere Schmitte": 30 min. from the Gemmi Pass, 75 min. from the village of Leukerbad. (The entry is marked with a large white board). The Gemmi is also accessible from Kandersteg.

Gemmiweg - at the place “untere Schmitte” alt: 2063.0 m

Coordinates: 613 577 / 138 074

CH1903 / LV   03613577   138074

CH1903+ / LV 952613577 1138074

long/lat:WGS84 7.61516    46.39389

Position on the map


Variant 1:

more than 1300 m of steel cable (rope diameter 11mm); 3 steel ladders with a total length of about 60 m

Variant 2:

more than 2000 m of steel cable (rope diameter 11mm); 12 steel ladders with a total length of 216 m

one rope bridge (two ropes) (app. 30 m)


Variant 1:

8,4 km

Variant 2:

9 km


Variant 1:

5 hrs (from Gemmipass)

Variant 2:

8 hrs (from Gemmipass)

Attention: take into account the last descent of the Gemmi cable car.


The difficulty of the via ferrata Daubenhorn is classified ED (extremely difficult) or K5 - K6 (K1 = easy, K5 = difficult).


Variante 1:

550 m

Variante 2:

1158 m


Variant 1:

1470 m

Variant 2:

1158 m


Good mountain walker, sure of it, without vertigo and very good condition. As a preparation we recommend a smaller via ferrata in the area (see climbing or climbing).


Please bring some excellent mountain shoes, warm clothes, and a raincoat. Helmet (mandatory), climbing harness and carabiners with connecting ropes are required (with braking system). Wearing gloves is recommended for your comfort and provides good protection against injury.


Renounce any climbing in case of rain or thunderstorm, because of danger of falling of stone. The route is at your own risk; the community of interests of Via Ferrata formally disclaims any liability in the event of an accident.


Mid-june to end of june (depending on snowmelt) until the first friday of october. (Modifications reserved)


The use of the via ferrata is free, but the IG Klettersteig appreciates each collection for its maintenance.

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Return path
Return path Daubenhorn:

Return path (no need for crampons to cross the Daubenhorn Glacier) Daubenhorn - Gemmi: about 1.5 - 2 hrs.

Via Ferrata Daubenhorn Leukerbad
Via Ferrata Daubenhorn Leukerbad
Video Via Ferrata Daubenhorn:
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