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Via Ferrata Leukerbad Gemmi Daubenhorn Valais Switzerland

Icon Klettersteig Gemmi Daubenhorn Leukerbad


There are several areas in Leukerbad and the surrounding area

to climb and prepare for the via ferrata.

A helmet is recommended in all climbing areas.

The use of the climbing areas is at your own risk

Responsibility. Any liability is expressly excluded


Climbing areas (see map) (free)




Climbing Leukerbad: 


Climbing area Chalet Mengis (5 routes)

at the top of the village - direction Regina Therme

Follow the road to the roundabout with the fountain.

The climbing area is about 30m to the right of the roundabout.

CH1903 / LV03614486 137321

CH1903+ / LV952614486 1137321

long/lat:WGS847.62695 46.3871

Altitude 1551.2 m


location on the map

Klettern Leukerbad
Klettern Leukerbad
Climbing Leukerbad
Klettern Leukerbad
Icon Klettersteig Gemmi Daubenhorn Leukerbad

Climbing area Tolen -   (total 23 routes: 12 routes (max.6b) + 11 beginners, children and youth climbing routes)

Helmet mandatory


From the Chalet Mengis climbing area approx. 400m in the direction of Melcherboden. Walk straight ahead on the dirt road after the first junction. Approximately 100 m at the height of a rock face, follow the path on the left (5 m). The wall is on the left side of the hallway.

CH1903 / LV03614708 137377

CH1903+ / LV952614708 1137377

long/lat:WGS847.62984 46.3876

Altitude 1599.5 m

Topos also (free)


location on the map

Kinderklettergebiet Leukerbad
Kinderklettergebiet Leukerbad

Climbing area at Leitergraben  (near the Albinenleiter - no topo available yet).

Difficulty level >6b

Climb up the stream bed for approx. 50 m on the bridge. On the right is the climbing area (seen from below).


CH1903 / LV03614174 134573

CH1903+ / LV952614174 1134572

long/lat:WGS847.62281 46.36238

Altitude 1382.0 m


location on the map

Climbing Gemmi:

Gemmi (Topos among others in the Upper Valais climbing guide or (free))

Climbing Gemmi
Klettern Leukerbd Gemmi

Sector E has not yet been realized, sectors A and B are rarely climbed.


Sector Jägerboden (climbing routes for children and young people)

The routes (approx. 10-15) in the Jägerboden area have a difficulty level of 3 - 6a.


Location Jägerboden:

CH1903 / LV03612903 138524

CH1903+ / LV952612903 1138524

long/lat:WGS847.6064 46.39795

Altitude 2259.0 m


location on the map


In the Jägerboden sector there are still 5 routes that are not on the topos.

Klettern Leukerbd Gemmi
Topo Leukerbad

Area sun garden 1+2

Topo Leukerbad
Topo Leukerbad
Climbing Lämmern
Klettern Leukerbd Gemmi

Lämmerenhütte (topos on the homepage) oder here as PDFdownload

Ideal climbing area for children and beginners.


Schwarenbach (above mountain restaurant)

Location coordinates:

CH1903 / LV03613893 142809

CH1903+ / LV952613893 1142809

long/lat:WGS847.6194 46.43648

Altitude 2321.0 m


location on the map

Klettern Leukerbd Gemmi
Climbing region Leuk:



Routes from 3c to 7c

Longest route 150m max 3c

Longest rope length 33 m 6a+

Most rope lengths are between 15 and 25 m long.

CH1903 / LV03612038 128967

CH1903+ / LV952612038 1128966

long/lat:WGS847.59492 46.312

Altitude 601.8 m

location on the map

Region Leuk
Klettern Leukerbad

Sector dynamo:

Klettern Leukerbad

1 Oh Lax 5c

2 Riccilix 6a

3 La Gala 6a+

4 Attrition 7c

5 Va z'Fleigisch 7a+

6 Beschy 7c

8 promise 6c

9 snake hole 6b

10 dynamo 6


getting there













Topo Gnoggertschuggu

Klettern Leukerbad
Klettern Leukerbad

Topo Locherplescha

Klettern Leukerbad

Susten Pfynpfiler

Klettern Leukerbad

- Indoor boulder wall Sports arena Leukerbad

Klettern Leukerbad

- Outdoor Bouldering Almei (5 min walk from the village of Leukerbad towards Gemmi).

Information and rating (PDF)


- Div. climbing areas in the valley (see climbing guide Plaisir West and (free)

- Oberwalliser Kletterführer

Link climbing area Zeneggen b. Visp

Staying in the area of the climbing gardens  and walking the routes is at your own risk.IG Klettersteig declines all liability (particularly for consequences resulting from any incorrect information in the route descriptions or from insufficient safety hooks or loose grips/steps breaking out or from falling rocks).  

Video Gemmi
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