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Via Ferrata Leukerbad Gemmi Daubenhorn Valais Switzerland

Icon Klettersteig Gemmi Daubenhorn Leukerbad
Gratweg Torrent
Gratweg Torrent
Klettergebiet Lämmerasee
More climbs:

In and around Leukerbad there are many other interesting climbs, mountain and hiking trails in addition to the Daubenhorn via ferrata and the adventure via ferrata. Here is a small selection of them.


These climbs are not maintained by IG Klettersteig.

The use and inspection of the paths, climbs, climbing areas is always at your own risk. IG Klettersteig declines all liability.

More climbs
Icon Klettersteig Gemmi Daubenhorn Leukerbad
Klettern Leukrbad
Albinden ladders
Albinen ladders: 


The oldest via ferrata in Switzerland -  or the Alps since 1781.

The Ladders (see map) - ideal as a preparation for the via ferrata

A must for every via ferrata freak.

"Via Ferrata" with 8 wooden ladders.  

Length of time: approx. 30 min (ascent) 

200m HD / up

begin: Leukerbad - Lochwald - tunnel towards Flaschen-Albinen

CH1903 / LV03614160 134578

CH1903+ / LV952614160 1134578

long/lat:WGS847.62263 46.36243

Altitude 1371.0 m


location on the map


Varner ladders
Varner Ladders:


Mini via ferrata at Rumeling


CH1903 / LV03613889 130937

CH1903+ / LV952613889 1130936

long/lat:WGS847.619 46.32968

Altitude 993.6 m


location on the map

Ridge path torrent:


Flatly: Rinderhütte-Vorsummit Torrenthorn-Schafberg- Rinderhütte

From the Rinderhütte mountain station to the lower summit, follow the same path as on the Torrenthorn. From there the path leads in a southerly direction all along the ridge up to the Schafberg.




It's not a via ferrata, but this part of the tour requires sure-footedness and a head for heights. The entire ridge has been climbed many times in the past, but it was renovated by the torrent railways a few years ago. Throughout the tour you can enjoy a wonderful view of several four-thousanders such as Mont-Blanc, Dent-Blanche, Weisshorn, Bishorn, Zinalrothorn, Matterhorn, Monte Rosa area, Mischabel Group and many more.

From the Schafberg, follow the blue markings in a south-westerly direction down the slope and back to the Rinderhütte.

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Aussicht Torrenthorn
Ridge path

Length of time:  around 2.5 hours.

requirements: good surefootedness, no fear of heights.

equipment: good shoes, clothing suitable for the weather, it is an advantage to have a via ferrata set with you.

This circular route is not recommended during thunderstorms.

Link: torrent



Icon Klettersteig Gemmi Daubenhorn Leukerbad

nB the ridge path is not maintained by IG Klettersteig

- other via ferratas in Valais (

Via Ferrata Almenalp (Kandersteg):

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Dala Gorge
Dala Gorge/Thermal Spring Bridge in Leukerbad:

Dala Gorge/Thermal Spring Path in Leukerbad

CH1903 / LV03615141 137017

CH1903+ / LV952615141 1137016

long/lat:WGS847.63546 46.38435

Altitude 1456.1 m

location on the map

Mountain hiking trails
Mountain hiking trails:


Hiking and climbing (Leukerbad Tourismus map)

Hiking (mountain trails without marking - good shoes essential)

alte Gemmi


Experience or guide required- Les gorges de la Raspille (near Sierre)- Feschel Gorge (near Leuk-Bratsch), Massa Gorge Brig.

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